Are you fed up of being dragged around the streets by a dog

that thinks it should be pulling a sled?

Fed up of your dog barking at every dog it sees

and everyone staring at you?

Bad behaviour usually begins with poor communication.

Why not let me show you the Art of Communication

so that your dog can understand what you want

and become what you thought you were going to have:

A Pleasure, Not a Nightmare

My way of training dogs is calm and easy going. 

There is no need to rant and shout if your dog understands,

you will find my methods allow you to stay calm

and your dog to follow clear training methods

without confusion.

What have you got to lose? 

NASDU Nasdu security dog trainer, Guard Dog Trainer, Protection Dog Trainer, Mike Beasley, Dog Trainer. I train all types of dogs, from pet dogs to security dogs.

The dog mechanic. Does your dog need manners?

Nadu approved instructor.

Nasdu approved trainer.


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