Having once had three German Shepherds and two Rottweilers,
I now have just two imported Dobermanns.
I have had all of my pet dogs from being puppies so I fully understand the problems and issues that arise. If you have a pup, why wait until it has picked up bad habits before giving me a call, why not get the knowledge now to allow you to lead your dog into a calm and happy future.
Mike Beasley Dog Trainer

I am based in Flixton, Manchester and I come to you to help with your dog as most problems begin in the home and not on a football pitch somewhere.

I do not train your dog for you, I teach you to train your dog and in that way,

you have the knowledge to continue the training when I leave,

giving you all the skills to lead your dog calmly and confidently.


Mike Beasley Dog Trainer

I do not insist you do a set number of lessons. 

Fixing problems with dogs does not come with a time scale, it goes at the speed you and your dog are capable of.

I teach you, you teach your dog, we work together to make it right as quickly as possible.

Mike Beasley on day off

NASDU Nasdu security dog trainer, Guard Dog Trainer, Protection Dog Trainer, Mike Beasley, Dog Trainer. I train all types of dogs, from pet dogs to security dogs.

The dog mechanic. Does your dog need manners?

Nadu approved instructor.

Nasdu approved trainer.


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