Many times I have a dog owner say,

"You must think I am thick,

not knowing how to train my own dog"


My reply is;

"I drive a van and ride a motorbike,

when they go wrong,

 I can't fix them, so I have to call for a mechanic. 

I am nothing more than a dog mechanic"

The difference is that a mechanic mends your car and off you go, no wiser what to do if it happens again. With my training methods, when I leave, you will know what to do

and how to mend not only that problem, but how to use the Art of Communication

in all future training. 

It doesn't matter what type or breed of dog you own or whether it is a very young puppy or an established dog that has developed issues, the Art of Communication is what will help you learn the relaxed way to get your dog under control and how to lead them forward into a calmer and happier life. 

Don't wait until the dog drives you to despair, get it sorted out and have many happy years with your beloved pet. 


Owning a dog is about sharing your life with another, make your dog happy as well as yourself by bringing some structure into their life.

Why not show them respect and teach them the way the human part of the pack wants them to behave. 

NASDU Nasdu security dog trainer, Guard Dog Trainer, Protection Dog Trainer, Mike Beasley, Dog Trainer. I train all types of dogs, from pet dogs to security dogs.

The dog mechanic. Does your dog need manners?

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Nasdu approved trainer.


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