When you get a puppy, you want to enjoy the new life that has arrived in your home.


Why not get the training started right away and allow your puppy to learn what you want right from the start and learn to understand you and your human ways.


Puppies need to be guided and helped. Getting that right will start your future together on the right track. 

Some puppies start small and stay small, and that can cause problems.

Friends and family and indeed people you meet on your walks will want to play and stroke them and pick them up and accidentally teach them lots of bad habits.


Larger pups can grow quickly and can present other problems, for example, others owners may not want 'The big pup' knocking their

small dog around and this can lead to your pup ending up poorly socialised due to lack of contact. 

Good manners can help alleviate this problem.

Don't let the cute and cuddly ball of fluff become the scourge of your household by lacking guidance and discipline from the outset. 

Why not give me a call.

Like I said before,

What have you got to lose?

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The dog mechanic. Does your dog need manners?

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Nasdu approved trainer.


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