I retired after 30 years as a police officer with Greater Manchester Police working close to the City Centre in some of the toughest areas. I was a Police Dog Handler for 17 years working three German Shepherds. In the areas I worked, using the dog was almost a daily occurrence. 

All of my dogs were very proficient in tracking, searching for property and people, obedience work and of course, criminal work. The searching for, chasing down and detaining of offenders was a part of the job that required total control and immediate compliance to commands. 





                                       If you have a security dog that you think     

                                       would get benefit from some real life

hands on experience, why not give me a call, the others did.


I have trained several Security Guards and dogs that have been amazed at how much more training is available after finishing their courses. I take nothing away from the available courses out there, but there is no substitute for experience and that is something that is missing from most courses as the trainers are usually not time served police officers. 

I never wanted to become a Home Office Trained Instructor because I enjoyed working the streets far too much.

As a result, all of my knowledge and skills come from hands on operational duties resulting in numerous arrests and detentions with all of my dogs.

My young Dobermann Atlas learning the 'Hold and Bark' (13 months)

As a member of NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) I am qualified and approved to train level 2 and 3 General Purpose security dogs and handlers and offer Continuation Training to those already qualified as NASDU handlers.

Through our in-house NASDU Approved Instructor/Trainer (Mike Beasley Training) we are proud to deliver the following NASDU learning programmes as accredited by Highfield qualifications.

NASDU Nasdu security dog trainer, Guard Dog Trainer, Protection Dog Trainer, Mike Beasley, Dog Trainer. I train all types of dogs, from pet dogs to security dogs.

The dog mechanic. Does your dog need manners?

Nadu approved instructor.

Nasdu approved trainer.


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