In case you think training a dog is all about running around a field fighting to keep your dog in check, think again. 


Meet David.

David and Hettie Mobile
David and Hettie

I was lucky enough to meet David when he got his beautiful new pup Hettie.

As you can imagine, David and his mother were

sceptical about training little Hettie to do the things

they wanted especially as David has mobility issues.

They had already spoken

to a dog trainer who sadly, was less than helpful and they were unsure how this was likely to proceed.

I met with David, his mother and Hettie and we discussed the requirements and how we would start the training programme.



David immediately dedicated himself to working with Hettie and an amazingly strong bond was soon established.

With his love for Hettie and her love for him, Hettie learned to get on and off Davids' knee and on and off his mobility scooter, to walk alongside when required and to ignore other dogs and people unless it is appropriate. With the incredible bond between the two of them, there is little they cannot achieve. It is a joy to behold Hettie as she performs her role as a wonderful friend and companion to David but also as an extremely obedient and well behaved dog. 

I am proud to call David a close friend and

Hettie a wonderful pup. 

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